Your co-operating partner in industry, on-offshore, construction and plant

The Slagen Group has maximum focus on Health, Environment and Safety.

The Slagen Group is a trustworthy, efficient and serious co-operating partner for entrepreneurs, workshops,  land-based industry and offshore enterprises. The Slagen Group’s ambition is to exceed the standards we have set for ourselves in our own activities for health, environment and safety in combination with efficient operation, quality and expertise. We shall be a preferred supplier within the framework of future standards of excellence and innovation.

Slagen Rør og Sveiseservice

Slagen Rør og Sveiseservice was established in 1990 and has since grown and developed into a thriving and serious supplier of services to entrepreneurs, shipyards, offshore yards, land-based industry and offshore.

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Slagen Elektro og Automasjon

Slagen Elektro og Automasjon AS was established in 2004. The company carry out tasks for oil companies, rig companies, shipyards, offshore yards, land-based industry, and the building and construction plant industry..

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Slagen Engineering

Slagen Engineering AS was established in 2007. The company’s main areas of focus will be clients amongst oil companies , rig companies, entrepreneurs, shipyards, offshore yards and land-based industry.

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